A February Destination Wedding in Antigua, Guatemala

February is a month of love, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with a destination wedding in the enchanting city of Antigua, Guatemala. Known for its cobblestone streets, stunning colonial architecture, and vibrant culture, Antigua provided the perfect backdrop for a wedding that was both magical and unforgettable. Here are some of my favorite highlights from this special day:

The Mariachi Band

As the ceremony finished, they were greeted by the lively sounds of a traditional Mariachi band. The energetic and soulful music set the perfect tone for the celebration, filling the air with joy and excitement. The band, dressed in their distinctive outfits, added an authentic touch to the festivities, creating an atmosphere that was both festive and romantic.

Many Outfit Changes

One of the most delightful aspects of the wedding was the array of outfit changes throughout the day. The bride dazzled in multiple stunning ensembles, each more beautiful than the last. From a classic white gown for the ceremony to vibrant, colorful dresses for the reception, each outfit change reflected different aspects of her personality and heritage. The groom also embraced the theme, donning elegant and stylish attire that complemented the bride’s stunning looks.

Cultural Wedding Traditions

A highlight of the wedding was the incorporation of rich cultural traditions, which added a unique and personal touch to the celebration. Before the ceremony, a heartfelt tradition took place where the bride was serenaded with traditional songs. Friends and family gathered around, singing in unison to honor and celebrate the bride. This touching moment brought tears to many eyes and added a deeply emotional and personal touch to the day.


Decor: Decorguatemala

Photographer: Denise Lipman Photography

Planning: Bride and Groom Antigua