Back to nature

Back to nature. I've always felt the pull to go outside when things get muddy in my head, to allow the natural world to teach me everything I need to learn. Like a big sister, the lake has always played this role in my life. She is always there with her deep lessons, teachings, and friendship over time. I've experienced some of the most wonder-filled days at the lake, clarity always greeting me when I see these three volcanoes early in the morning.

If you feel clouded, uncertain, or muddy in this season of life, I implore you to go out- go out to water, go out to sea, go out to the trees- pause, reflect, allow your heart to be touched. Perhaps some clarity will greet your life, perhaps some answers will come knocking, perhaps some space will be created for you to take a deep breathe. You got this.

My favorite shot of the entire day is above accompanied by some snaps of the reality of the situation.