Engagement Session in Downtown Tallahassee, FL

Leaning into the Unknown.

I've noticed very often recently that how we face uncertainty determines our perspectives, and thus our lives. Uncertainty touches many parts of our lives- whether it be our careers, our relationships, our futures, but one thing I've learned that kept me sane- and kept me aligned is the simple perspective that uncertainty and opportunity are two sides of the same coin. What we do and perhaps the most debilitating- what we don't do when we come face to face with something that scares us takes us on very different paths.

I say this all to say that this shoot challenged every fiber of my creativity. Florida weather decided to show its true colors (lol) 10 minutes into the shoot pouring on all of us, which led us to run to our cars to wait it out. Well- after 40 minutes, it did not indeed get better lol. As we looked outside, we all simultaneously agreed- let's just create and have fun. A simple thought- but it changed everything. We then went to our second location, took a few photos under a little covering on the porch, and after a couple of minutes, we were like "should we just go for it?" and so we did. The lighting was barely there, we were all getting soaked, I don't know if my equipment was gonna make it, but I didn't care at that point, all I wanted to do was to lean into it all. Lean into the moment and push myself to create for the sake of creating and capturing this beautiful couple as we all shared this little slice of time together.

Looking back, I will always look at this set of images as a testament towards leaning into the unknown. Leaning into all the things that may have not gone according to plan, but perhaps- it was a part of a greater plan for you to learn, for you to step up, for you to grow. I'm incredibly proud of these and I hope you can see the love in them.