Go out and practice a type of photography that you usually don’t do often!⁣

As photographers and creative professionals, it’s so important to keep that relationship with your work healthy. Much like any relationship, you have to foster it with care and love- one of the ways I foster this is by going out and practicing different forms and areas I don’t frequent as often. If you’re a portrait or wedding photographer, go take some documentary style street photos! If you work mostly in landscapes, go take photos of a friend! ⁣

We learn soo much when we try new things, when we experience new methods, when we live a little bit differently, so much beauty and clarity can greet our lives!⁣

Here are some of my personal takeaways with this little photo walk/ street photography outing:⁣

Biggest takeaways:⁣

1. You don’t have to be good at something to try it: that’s the point to try and experience new things that teach you new perspectives⁣

2. There’s beautiful in slowness- I’m always⁣

running through these sidewalks, having the⁣

opportunity to stop and take it all in- you notice the small details, how the light hits the streets, how the city slowly awakens, how small beauty and details are everywhere- you just have to be open to SEE them- a metaphor for life truly⁣

3. Find community that desires to explore and⁣

experience this life fully- I met these two women in this past season of life and expressed interest in doing a small photo walk- so we held each other accountable and spent the morning slowly and authentically ⁣

Here are a few of my favorites from an early morning in Antigua, Guatemala.