Capturing Emotions

Someone asked me why I loved the out-of-focus, blurry image style nowadays and I said surprisingly simply- because life is usually never clear- it’s never crystal clear, life is always moving, always flowing, always changing. I love this style of photography so much because instead of focusing on one particular thing, what stands out the most is the feeling- the emotion behind it all. Often times when I look back, I don’t recall memories as crisp high definition reel in my head, but as a blur of colors, a blur of faces all creating an emotion- a feeling- a feeling that I seldom never forget. ​​​​​​​​


So that’s why I gravitate towards this style recently. It makes me feel more- in a world where connection is sometimes lacking, it reminds me of this beautiful part of life- the opportunity to love and hurt so deeply- this beautiful part of life that ultimately makes me feel alive. ​​​​​​​​