Women of the Water: Past, Present, Future

explores the trust, faith, and exploration of self through the space that Lake Atitlan invited me to discover. During the darkest moment of my life, I sought solace and peace under the volcanoes, and little by little- learned, unlearned, and relearned so many lessons from the past, to invigorate my present and future with renewed purpose. 

An ode to the human experience, these women played significant roles in fostering my creativity, potentiality, and abundance. Time and time again, I would come to the lake like a younger sister and tell her of all the lives I would lead when I was away. The lake has seen me love, lose, and live- I fell in love countless times here- with spirits, with the world, and with self. 

This work also explores the relationship between humans and nature- how answers lie within the outer world- an invitation to step out of ego and into abundance- the land of eternal spring creating space to discover and rediscover our potentiality. 

Women of the Water: Past

Women of the Water: Present

Women of the Water: Future

Artist Statement

In Guatemala's vibrant landscapes, my lens captures a departure from the familiar, an immersion into the soul of a new world. As a storyteller focused on visual poetry, this piece is an ode to the interplay of past, present, and future through the perspective of women in water- all women that I held close to my heart.

Leaving the States was transformative. Beyond the scenery, I found a profound community, not just a geographical shift but a complete transformation and evolution in perspective. An opportunity to go back to the drawing board- a blank canvas to create a life of fulfillment, purpose, and joy. 

For over a decade, words were my creative outlet. Under the magic of the volcanoes in the small village of Jaibalito on Lake Atitlan, journaling and poetry gained a new purpose—processing each day's small moments, distilling the colors, emotions, and rhythms of the lake's enchanting space.

This collection mirrors my personal journey-, a dance between roots and fertile soil. In these frames- the lessons of the past, the vibrancy of the present, and the anticipatory hum of the future. This visual poetry, drawn from the lake’s abundant essence and the hearts of the women who have loved me abundantly, this work is the accumulation of the joy in the journey. 

Panza Verde Opening

How does one even begin to encapsulate the feeling of deep gratitude and love that wrapped me in warm embraces- truly abundant and oh so real. As I looked at the sea of spirits, I was overcome with a montage of memories shared with each individual- hitting me simultaneously. How could one not be emotional- for the sea of spirits is what led me to reside in the magical land underneath the volcanoes- the women of the water- a symbol of so much more to come. Within these hearts, I see my future. How they know me and love me to create endless space to be myself. To play, to grieve, to heal, to love, to live. Within each spirit- lies the reason why I do and create. For there exists incredible love and hope in the present and we must celebrate these moments- for they will come and they will go- but we are forever altered- and isn't that the point? To express yourself without limit.


Isn't that the point? To express yourself without limit.


Unity in Diversity


“Unity in Diversity” is not just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of the enduring spirit and creativity of women. It’s a reminder that, though our stories may differ, our collective
voice is powerful and resounding, echoing in the cobblestone streets of Antigua and beyond.

The exhibit will be running at Panza Verde until January 2, 2024.