Woven Futures Summer/Spring Collection

There’s an incredible beauty that exists when one allows themselves to take space away to realize themselves- to learn oneself a little better. In this space, we may find clarity, a new perspective, a new purpose, a new pace, a new version of ourselves-⁣

It’s no coincidence that some of our best ideas come in the shower, in that walk in the park, or when we take a step back- our minds need time to marinate with our new ideas, to come together, to believe in ourselves ⁣

Woven futures’ new collection is a testament to this- this beauty of taking a step back and reimagining what it is to create purposefully. What resulted is a mini capsule collection of accessories that are functional, useful, and beautiful. Incredibly proud of Hannah King for this one and I’m very grateful to have worked to bring this collection to life 💚⁣

Here are some of my favorites from the new @wovenfutures collection 💛